Quality comprehensive training is an on-going need of all EMS providers.

Regional coordination of EMS training meets this need with a cost effective solution for the EMS providers within our region. The Metro Region EMS System Program provides workshops and conferences on topics that are not readily available through existing training programs and conferences.

The Metro Region EMS System provides training opportunities to a wide variety of EMS Providers. Check back often for a listing of upcoming training sessions and contact information.

All of the Metro Region EMS System protocols, policies and procedures incorporate the following concepts:

Common Terminology
Modular Organization
Management by Objectives
Incident Action Planning
Manageable Span of Control
Incident Facilities and Locations
Comprehensive Resource Management
Integrated Communications
Establishment and Transfer of Command
Chain of Command and Unity of Command
Unified Command
Information and Intelligence Management

One of the roles of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to keep the Incident Response Plan updated. Below is the most current version.

Incident Response Plan

The Operational Templates and Guidance for EMS Mass Incident Deployment

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Metro Region EMS strives to provide a central location for training opportunities to be announced and facilitated.  Below you will find upcoming training opportunities.  If you have a training announcement you would like added please e-mail us and let us know.

When submitting training announcements please include the following information and email to rrobinson@emsmn.org

Name of course Description
Dates beginning and ending Times
Location Fees (if any)
Sponsoring Agency Contact Person
Contact Phone and Email Website address to register

DOT EMS Instructor Training Opportunity

DOT EMS Instructor Class April 30 & May 1