Emergency Preparedness

Though EMS personnel constitute one-third of the nation’s emergency responders, they are the least supported of all public safety and healthcare personnel to fulfill their roles in responding to large scale events, lacking in both adequate training and proper equipment for disaster response. Large, multiple casualty incidents, whether man-made (accidents or intentional, such as terrorism) or natural (storm, fire, pandemic diseases) typically overwhelm any local EMS provider early in the developing event, especially when emergency medical responders are victims of the catastrophe themselves. A prudent and appropriate response often requires immediate mutual aid from surrounding communities, and even may require expansion to a regional, state, or national response.

Considering recent disasters, an overwhelming initial EMS response is mandatory in order to mitigate tragic loss of life and human suffering. To be successful and efficient, such a response requires planning, equipment, and trained personnel. It is no surprise that emergency preparedness is the number one focus of the Metro Region EMS providers. The EMS function necessitates it to be recognized as an equal partner in disaster planning and funding. Disaster tactics need to be taught and practiced as well as continually reviewed and revised as new evidenced-based information becomes available, which increases the effectiveness of a regional response plan.

The Metro Region EMS System is committed to strive for competence, commitment, cooperation, and coordination to provide an effective and efficient regional EMS response in the wake of any disaster through ongoing collaboration with state, county, and local emergency management, public safety, public health and healthcare provider agencies.

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