MMRTAC Membership

MMRTAC-250x250 MMRTAC Membership

RTAC development in the metro region will identify a fifteen (15) member council will be a collaborative decision to meet the unique needs of the region. There will be a strong effort to assure that these members are diverse and represent the region, from pre-hospital to tertiary care including community awareness and injury prevention. To assure the opportunity for all interested to be involved, suggestions for three (3) year term limits will be made. Initially, there will also be one (1) and two (2) year limits for rotational purposes. This will promote mentoring of newer members as well as assure the diversity of the membership.

Position MMRTAC Membership  
Trauma Surgeon
Trauma Surgeon
Trauma Surgeon
Trauma Program Manager (TPM)
Trauma Surgeon
Trauma Program Manager (TPM)
PI Specialist
Trauma Education Specialist
Trauma Program Manager or MD
Trauma Program Manager or MD
Metro Region EMS System
Hennepin County EMS Council
East Metro Prehospital Advisory Council
Pediatric Trauma specialist
ACEP Emergency Physician
Level I
Level I
Level I
Level I
Level II
Level II or III
May be a TPM
Or another PI specialist/TPM
Level III
Level IV
Representative – EMS Provider
Representative – EMS Med. Dir. (EMSMD)
Representative – EMSMD-ED Physician
MD or RN
Representative – Surgeon (must be Level II or III)
MD (must be Level III or IV)

 Membership Criteria:

  • MD’s and RN’s are well represented on the RTAC.
  • The Chair position is held by an MD – Trauma Surgeon, EMSMD, or ED Physician.
  • The MMRTAC will select the chair.
  • Any membership on the committee may also include representation from an institution in process of ACS certification and must demonstrate progress towards verification to include a scheduled site visit.
  • No more than three representatives from any health care system